Is Bowling a Sport?

While taking a shower, a thought come to my mind… Is a bowling a sport or a game?


I did some research and here is my opinion and information i found interesting.

In 1988 at the Seoul Summer Olympic Games, bowling was an official demonstration sport for the first and only time. Unfortunately, only 20 nations competed in bowling during the 1988 Games held on September 18th at the Seoul Royal Bowling Center and the events were never adequately covered by television nor the media because of the demonstration status of the competition.

It is important to remember that all international competition has always been fiercely contested. Bowling is and has been an international competition and will likely continue to be for years to come. Because of this status, it can clearly be called a sport.



external image bowling_pins_by_Utzel_Butzel.jpg


Although bowling has been the Number One participatory sport for many years, it is not a sport which provides inexpensive nor easy access to most youngsters in third world countries to develop skill and proficiency. If bowling merely required an open field and a ball and pins, it might be easier for young people to capture interest in the sport. Bowling requires use of expensive facilities just to expose prospective athletes to the game. Bowling can also be expensive to pursue due to the cost of linage and equipment. Other than possibly golf, most Olympic sports are less expensive to pursue than bowling. So, it is recognise as a kind of sport but not a sport that the world can enjoy and compete.

external image Bowling_by_CuttedFinger.jpg


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