Assignment 2 Report

Explain why you chose the blog topic:

It happens right on the spot. We didn’t know each other before, and we have nothing in common, but the term sport seems to come up in our mind right after the conversation started, we come up with a few others as well and vote for the best one. The first choice was multi-cultural cuisine as it seems easier, but it got rejected. In our group, everyone got their own favorite sport from football to the Olympic. Information about sports on the internet is huge and you can easily gain access to what you need to complete the task. There are a wide range of sport varieties and to find a topic to write on your blog is effortless. We were right for choosing this topic, everything was very straightforward and uncomplicated. Also, everyone enjoys the writing the blog.

What were the largest challenges with a team assignment?

When the group first made a blog, we were facing much of technical issues. But we figured all out by searching from the internet. Also, we made three posts each one of us and by sharing those, we had fun making a blog. Through the posts we have wrote about sports, the group members want the posts to be shared. We have to participate more on the knowledge about blog that we did not learn, and it was our biggest challenge with doing the group assignment.

Second, the motive of group work is to get together and bring out each one of us advantages with participation. Through that, we can also share our advantages and experiences. However, when we start doing making blog, the participation and will was not enough. As a group member, the participation is the standard for showing focus on the work. Therefore, it is difficult to manage the team without deciding whether who is doing what.

How did you come up with the final design that you used.

When we decided the blog’s topic, SPORTS, an talked about how the our blog was looking like, we just confirmed not to use too much font-color, background images and visible effects as making the reader read over our blog smoothly. Instead of it, we suppose to better of putting many images and concise texts so that the readers can easily be allowed to get what we would like to tell in terms of sports blog. Background images, therefore, seems to be simple and not obstacle to the contents. Video clips put on the blog also can help the further understandings and explore more interesting in the no matter what sports affairs.

Compare a blog that has similar content to yourself, critically analyse your site comparing theres.

In our blog, we basically refer to and model the wordpress blog, called the The last Libero. ( The blog mainly present a general football knowledge, match reports, current football team affair as well as introduction to players in details so the audience are allowed to be attractive and interested in the blog consistently. Comparing with the our blog presenting about spots, the blog has been simply organised to look at easily and reading smoothly. Well-organised structure with attractive title make the readers understand clearly about what the blog is going to talk about, and some pictures and video clips can help to lead further attention to relevant topics. We can see Not only the general information in terms of the blog’s topic and also some bloggers opinion against the content cited form other websites. This can contribute the audience to let have a diverse opinion and ideas, then there can be a conversation on the different view of the topics in comment. He also classifies the blog into some category at the top of the blog and put tagged links on his blog, so when the readers would like to find a specific areas of contents, these method can positively influence on both the reader and other bloggers. We consider this blog is good model for those who never create the blog and can lead to the further understanding of how they show their abilities and creativities through the blog


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