The two-year countdown ‘Rio 2016 Olympic’.

The two-year countdown

5th of August 2014 with the Rio 2016 Olympic two years aheadRio 2016 marks two years to go

©Rio 2016 (IOC webpage)

The organizing committee of the 2016 Rio Olympic announced that they organize the variety and exciting milestones to celebrate the two-years countdown include creating the web page ‘new-look’ and the unvsiling of the official look of the games.

The two-year countdown is the beginning for the final organizational phase for Rio 2016. This is the starting point to move for the committee from the planning to the operational preparations.

It means concluded the exclusive planning phase two years ahead and into the preparation operations, the form is the competition structures begins to take shape and gets closer to the population. 

The President, Dilma Rousseff

The two years ahead to the Rio Olympic 2016, the committee hosted the unveiling details of 45 pre-games events and others include creating web pages. This will bring much interests to the audiences and will bring opportunities to be well prepared for the Olympic.

Until the end of 2014, the Rio 2016 Olympic Volunteers and the ticketing program will be launched, and there will be decition for the mascot before the count down.

As it is two years ahead to the Rio 2016 Olympic, 55% of the stadiums are operationally ready and the works is well under way.

Carlos Nuzman

Carlos Nuzman who is the head of the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee is keeping working in full integration with the IOC, and organize the three levels of governments and the world’s beggest sports clebrations. he mentiond ‘we are leading the organization with responsibility and full awareness of the complexity of this task’.



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