The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Museum

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Museum after the interior construction.

Interior construction work was being done upto Dec. 21 2013, and will be opening to the public.

The Olympic Museum. there is the statue of the second IOC committe leader Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Mr. Bach and the committee members officially cut the ribbon before touring the new exhibitions. and see the entirely revamped museum introduced by the museum director Francis Gabet. Its integrating the latest technological innovations and a new museographic-themed approach.

(Francis Gabet, The Museum director, Bach, Rogge/IOC web page)

The Olympic Museum has put together a special exhibition titled “different histories, dreams, challenges and many valuable things that contributes today with spanning three levels now entirely redesigned which will run in the Olympic Park.


Speech from the IOC Chairman Bach:

“The Olympic world is at the same time traditional and ultramodern. This Museum manages to convey that combination in an exciting and innovative way, and thereby reach young and old alike. If there is one place outside the Olympic Games where the Olympic spirit can be felt to the same degree, it is this entirely redesigned Museum, here.”

 “Genuine Olympic moments are recorded here. They are presented in a wonderfully fresh and stirring way, so that we can all feel the fascination of this great idea. This Museum is a very special kind of Olympic adventure park, which records and conveys the uniqueness of the Games.”


The New Olympic Museum will be opening to the public from Dec. 21 2013 to Jan. 23 2014 free of charge

The First Olympic Museum located near the Lake Geneva has opened on June. 23 1993 with 3000000 visitors in just under 20 years of existence.

There was more than 200 times temporary exhibitions including outside its walls.

The Olympic Museum focuses to involve people from across the World to achieve the Olympic spirit and inspire today’s youth to build a peaceful World.

<Lausanne Olympic Capital>

To achieve this goal, the Olympic Museum organize the greatest event of the time every two years and bring people to play a vital roles in the World:

(1) Champions

(2) Participants 

(3) Officials

(4) Creators

(5) Artists

(6) Architects

(7) Volunteers


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